My Favorite Applications post

I am often asked what software I use and recommend. I use a lot of different of software applications and the list is way too long, but I will try to list the most important ones.

These are all Mac apps though some of them will also run on Windows or Linux as well.

Bean: Word Processor - Free - Mac
Bean is a simple text editor and incidentally I am typing this using Bean now. OS X comes with a simple text editor called TextEdit that I used to use, but I find my self using Bean more lately.

HandBrake: DVD Ripper - Free - Windows/Mac/Linux
Handbrake is the best DVD ripper hands down. It will bust just about any copy protection(I do not condone piracy but backing up your DVD’s or watching them on you iPod or computer is not theft).

iPhoto 09: Photo Editor - $79 a part of iLife - Mac
iPhoto is a simple photo editing application that comes with every Mac. We just bought iLife 09 and my wife and I love it. The face recognition feature called Faces is truly amazing and the upload to Flickr and Facebook functionality is great.

iMovie 09: Movie Editor - $79 a part of iLife - Mac
iMovie 09 is a simple video editor and the latest version, iMovie 09 has some nice improvements over the previous version. The editing interface has been improved and the image stabilization feature works nicely.

Pages: Word Processor - $79 a part of iWork - Mac
Pages is a word processor similar to Microsoft Word. I find my self using it more and more instead of Word because of it’s Macishness. Is that a word?

Keynote: Presentation Software - $79 a part of iWork - Mac
Keynote is a presentation application similar but far superior to Power Point. The ease of use and superior transitions set it apart from PowerPoint which simply lags behind in functionality.

VLC: Media Player - Free - Windows/Mac/Linux
VLC will play almost any media file. It is great for that reason alone. It will do much more, but that is pretty much all I use it for.

Skitch: Screen Capture - Free - Mac
Skitch is a screen capture tool that has some nice image editing features. It also allows you to post your screen captures to Flickr, a FTP server, or your free Skitch account online. This is a very nice blogging tool.

Adium: IM client app - Free - Mac
Adium allows me to IM with almost any IM platform in one nice interface. I can chat with gChat, Yahoo, MSN, and AOL to name a few.

Skype: IM/Voice/Video Chat - Free - Windows/Mac/Linux
Skype rocks!

VMware Fusion: Virtualization - $79.99 Mac
VMware allows me to run Windows along side OS X. I need this because I have to test all of my sites in Internet Explorer. I also use VMware to run Linux for the heck of it.

Web Design / Development

MAMP: Web Development Platform/Stack - Free - Mac
MAMP stands for Mac, Apache, MySQL and PHP. MAMP allows Mac web developers and designers an easy way to set up a local test server on their computers. It installs a bundle of server applications like PHP, MySQL, Apache, and phpMyAdmin in a safe and easy way that doesn’t affect your system. I use this almost daily.

VirtualHostX: Virtual Hosts Configuration Tool - $9 - Mac
VirtualHostX makes it easy to develop multiple sites on your mac. It provides a GUI interface for creating virtual hosts on your Mac. This allows you to use a URL like and point it to a folder on my computer. This is a big time saver and eliminates the hassle of editing Apache virtual host files.

Smultron: Text Editor - Free - Mac
Smultron is a simple and clean text editor. I use it to code HTML and PHP.

CSSEdit: CSS Text Editor - $29.95 - Mac
Simply the best CSS editor out there. I love it.

Cyberduck: FTP Client - Free - Mac
I need a good and reliable FTP app and Cyberduck fits the bill(pardon the pun) and, it’s free to boot.

Fireworks: Graphics Program - Around $299 - Windows/Mac
I love Fireworks. It is owned by Adobe and is often overlooked because of Photoshop. I rarely need the advanced features of Photoshop and find the functionality of Firework as well as it’s performance is all I need most of the time when I am designing a web site.

Pipette: Color Picker - Free - Mac
Pipette is a simple color picker. Very handy little app. Drag the little eyedropper over anything on the screen and it will spit out the HTML color code.

You will notice that I haven't listed any web apps. I wanted to keep this short so I will post my favorite web apps on some later date. That is all for now.