Git and the Commandline post

If you are a web developer you should be using a version control system. In my opinion the best one is Git. Git is very powerful which means it can be a bit intimidating. The payoff is worth the learning curve though. Here are few resources that have helped me learn Git and the Commandline.

Even if you don't use Git and instead choose to use something like SVN or Mercurial you will find it very valuable to learn how to use the commandline. Trust me.

Commandline Resources

These videos taught me so much about the commandline. They aren't free but if you really want to learn a lot quickly they are worth every penny.

Git Resources

  • Pro Git: This was the first thing I read when I started with Git. Great book with a lot of good info. You can buy the paperback or read it online for free.
  • Git: Another great Peepcode video. I highly recommend this video. Really helped me wrap my head around Git.
  • Git Cheatsheet: An interactive Git cheatsheet.
  • GitHub: Do yourself a favor and just use Github. They make hosting your code so easy. Love them.
  • GitHub Help: Github also has some great Git resources. Check them out.

Here are a few other Git resources.

Git Clients I Recommend

  • Terminal. Yeah. I prefer the commandline
  • GitX GitX is the defacto standard client for Mac users. Not very feature rich, but it's simple and fast.
  • GitX (L) My current client of choice. Mainly for viewing diffs
  • Git Tower It's the best GUI client for Git I have ever seen. I don't use it, but I know several developers who swear by it.

Once you are comfortable with Git you will wonder why you waited so long to start using it. It's not just a way to version your code, it's a really powerful tool to help you write better code.