Octopress & Jekyll post

It's funny how I have come full circle. The first version of this site was written in static HTML and here we are headed into 2013 and my site is once again a static HTML based site. Why? Well, if you know me you know that I have been using and building Drupal sites for a good while so why the change?

First off, I have not abandoned Drupal. I still think it is the best CMS we have. That said, I spend a ton of time working with Drupal and it is actually nice to use something else every now and then. I love Drupal but my site had been lagging behind on security updates. I'd rather spend my time writing blog posts. My favorite "feature" of Jekyll is that you don't need a database. No more security updates, no more hassles.

Why Jekyll?

I'm a geek and love working on the commandline and with text files. I've been looking at different static site generators and I settled on Jekyll. Jekyll is written in Ruby and deployment is really easy. There are several ways you can host your Jekyll site including Github pages but since it produces static files I've opted for rsync the site to my server. When I want to update my site or write a post I simply open my text editor and go to town. When I'm done I type rake generate and then rake deploy. My entire site including the content is in a Git repo as well.

Why Octopress?

I looked at Jekyll but had been hearing good things about Octopress (by Brandon Mathis also check out HSLpicker.com) which is based on Jekyll. Octopress is basically a framework that is built on top of Jekyll but includes a ton of configuration that is not in Jekyll.

Octopress provides:

  • A semantic HTML5 template
  • A Mobile first responsive layout (rotate, or resize your browser and see)
  • Built in 3rd party support for Twitter, Google Plus One, Disqus Comments, Pinboard, Delicious, * and Google Analytics
  • An easy deployment strategy using Github pages or Rsync
  • Built in support for POW and Rack servers
  • Easy theming with Compass and Sass
  • A Beautiful Solarized syntax highlighting

I'm sure I could have went with Jekyll but my time was really limited. So far I'm really liking Octopress.