Animated GIF Screencasts post

We've all seen animated GIFs. I'm not sure when they came back into fashion but I'm a huge fan. I also love using screenshots and screencasts to communicate ideas and demonstrate functionality. The problem with screenshots is that they are static and screencasts take a lot of time time to produce and upload. This is where the animated GIF screencast comes in.

For the past few days I've wanted to create a few animated GIFs to show a client the interaction I have been working on but I wasn't aware of any apps that would allow me to do this. A quick Google search led me to LICEcap.

TheWeeklyDrop Focus Styles

LICEcap does exactly what I want and no more. Once you launch the app you can place the window over the part of the screen you want to capture, resize the capture area, and click the record button. You can set the frames per second but I just left it at the default 8 FPS and it worked perfectly. Once I was finished my capture I uploaded the GIF to the web using another one of my favorite apps Cloud App. I can see a ton of potential uses for these GIF screencasts. You can even use them in emails!

Update: I mistakenly stated that LICEcap was available on Linux

Oh, and LICEcap is free, open source, available for Mac and Windows.

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